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Suq boxes monthly subscriptions_phone_revised.png


Suq boxes monthly subscriptions_phone_revised_r1.png
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whats inside the box?

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SUQ Box is an exceptional way to explore the world of quality cleaning products, household products and COVID-19 essentials.


Each SUQ Box will provide you with the necessary items for your cleaning, comfort and every day needs. The first box of each plan will be the SUQ Starter Box guaranteed to jump start your SUQ experience. The remaining boxes will evolve your experience by taking away the stress and worry out of daily, weekly and monthly tasks!

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The best experience for those living in apartments or homes. Delivering essential home and cleaning products to your door monthly. No need to worry if you don't have much storage space. We curate our boxes to make sure you will never have to worry about needing extra storage space. Choose SUQ Box so you can enjoy OUTSIDE and let us worry about the essentials.

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Have a family, friend or co-worker that just moved into a new space? Are you a Realtor that just sold a home and what to give something more than a cheese basket or a bottle of wine? What better way to say congratulations, thank you, or any celebratory occasion, than with a SUQ Home box. This one time experience is filled with home comforts, essentials and cleaning products sure to wow in any new dwelling. Need something customized? Just send us an email to discuss availability and pricing.

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Living in a dorm, off campus housing, or commuting? Then the SUQ University experience is the right one for you! It doesn't matter if you're attending a 2-year, 4-year, trade school, graduate school or professional school, we want you to focus on studying and leave the rest to us! Everything you need for comfort, essentials, and cleaning delivered to you! Enroll in SUQ University Today! This is a 10-month subscription shipped every other month from August through December and again from January through May.

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Welcome to the club.

"My kitchen is never clean with my active 3 children. Suq Box has helped me keep the kitchen to my standard of comfort without the leaving the house."

-Olivia, Working Mom

“It's difficult to find one product to do several things to my liking. With Suq Box my girls have everything nthey need to get the job done.”

-Sophia, Owner of Jackson Cleaning

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